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Emergent Games Launches Prologue Game for Gen 0 Cryotag NFT’s Resurgence and ‘Invited Only’

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Emergent Games announces the launch of The End, an alternate reality game

  • First generation Resurgence Cryotag NFTs by invitation only
  • ‘End’ is the ARG, the prologue to the MMORPG game Resurgence.
  • ‘AAA’ game team of over 40 developers from top game companies including PlayStation, Sumo Digital and Codemasters
  • Roadmap announces it will offer multiple games and experiences for fans to enjoy

Early concept art from the post-apocalyptic world of Resurrection

Today, new web 3 game studio Emergent Games announced the launch of its alternate reality game (ARG). end, on 29 June. This is the first installment of a series of planned digital and immersive events leading up to the release of the first web 3 AAA multiplayer online (MMO) game. resurrection.

End This is the first part of the game’s world-building phase – an interactive ‘life story’ experience that introduces the setting, key characters and politics that make up the game’s compelling story.


Resurgence gaming roadmap from ARG to full multiplayer game launch

Foreword, Resurgence’s startup event, leverages digital channels, including websites and social media platforms, to create a powerful narrative. End It allows players to be a part of the story by immersing them in the knowledge of the Resurrection from the very beginning. Players sign up via an email portal and are invited to digital platforms to investigate mysteries, share knowledge and win prizes of real value in the world. resurrection world.

Emergent Games will also be releasing a limited edition Resurgence Cryotag NFT series of 1000 available with an invitation-only free mint. A limited number of Cryotags will also be available through the game End. Players must be registered resurrection newsletter to participate in the competition.

Resurgence ‘Cryotag’ NFT available by mint invitation only

End Major Resurgence world-building game drops will follow before the MMO phase, including a mobile app and a single-player game. resurrection in 2024.

Emergent Games was founded earlier this year with the promise of attracting 2.7 billion players with the slogan ‘game first’ powered by ‘free to play’ and ‘choose to own’ ecosystem. A joint venture between London-based digital entertainment studio Maze Theory and crypto technology and operations firm Pluto Digital, which invested $7.6 million as part of the deal.

This partnership combines blockchain expertise and immersive gaming ingenuity to build a business at the forefront of the new decentralized gaming industry and launch the first AAA web 3 game.

The game studio consists of a team of outstanding digital creators with an illustrious collective gaming history including: Wonderbook, The London Heist, Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom, Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins, Knightmare, FIFA, House of the Dead, Blood and Truth, Gran Turismo and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Ian Hambleton, CEO of Emergent Games,End (ironically!) marks an exciting first step in building the world. resurrection. We’re doing something really new with an incredible AAA game that also offers an optional NFT element. It’s really challenging for gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike.”

He adds: “Involving players now helps them engage with the lore and drama of the post-apocalyptic world we’ll see. resurrection. They also get the chance to win first-generation NFTs that will prove invaluable in the future.”

To have a chance to receive a free mint invitation, sign up for the Resurgence email newsletter via the website

Subscribe to the project’s social channels for more details on opportunities to earn Cryotag NFTs and participate in ARG.







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