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What is Simple Earning?

The cryptocurrency market is constantly evolving, with new words, phrases and abbreviations appearing that are not clear to the average user. This means that as a beginner, you may not know all the intricacies of investing in cryptocurrency. But fortunately, there are excellent programs such as Simple Earn that allow the user to constantly earn cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency market, even for beginners. In today’s review, we decided to find out what Simple Earn is and for whom it is best suited.

First, let’s take a look at what the “learn and earn crypto” program is. In simple terms, the “learn and earn crypto” program is the receipt of revenue from cryptocurrencies for some transactions. For example, users can earn passive income when the user invests in certain crypto assets such as bank deposits.

How does it work? Most of the top cryptocurrencies use the Proof of Stake algorithm, which protects the decentralized network and can secure any transaction within the blockchain without the need for a bank or any other financial institution or service.

With these crypto assets, users can earn crypto rewards simply by maintaining each blockchain of these crypto assets and holding some assets for a certain period of time. This works exactly like bank deposits, but provides a much higher annual percentage return on the amount the user deposits with Simple Earnings, for example. On the blockchain itself, the client will receive crypto rewards, which is a percentage of the bank deposit.

Most cryptocurrencies have shown their instability due to very high volatility. This is why the crypto community has decided to launch stablecoins, which are essentially stablecoins, meaning they are not subject to strong price fluctuations in the market. In most cases they are tied to USD and are the most reasonable solution for financial stability in the cryptocurrency market.

Simple App has a profitable learning and crypto earning solution where customer can earn passive income by holding crypto assets. The easiest way to earn crypto rewards is to use Simple Earnings. The Simple App in the Simple Earnings program provides access to a large number of crypto assets. Among them: USD Coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, Binance Coin, Solana, Chainlink, Polygon, Litecoin, Tron, Tether, Uniswap, Phantom, Bitcoin Cash, Axie Infinity, Decentraland, The Sandbox, The Graph, FTX Token .

The “earn crypto rewards” situation is similar to the situation in the stock market. But here we have some different possibilities. Bitcoin allows the user to generate income in two ways: when its price starts to rise and the user can learn and earn crypto with an attractive return when investing in bitcoin. The Simple Earnings program allows the user to get a guaranteed 10% return on their bitcoin investment, which is 10 times more profitable than bank deposits.

Earning crypto rewards program from Simple App is not taxed because it is a new type of income and tax authorities of various countries have not yet introduced income taxes for this type of passive income. However, this still does not mean that the user can be completely exempt from taxes, paying income tax when providing services for the customer to buy or sell crypto. Accordingly, learning and earning crypto will appear as an additional source of income and will not be subject to income tax. Each country defines its own non-taxable minimum income. Accordingly, if a customer earns an additional income of, for example, 800 USD, this amount is not taxable.

As the crypto economy evolves, there are many opportunities to earn coins, earn crypto rewards, and earn crypto while learning. All these features appear in Simple App. And earning crypto during the learning program has been well received by existing customers of Simple App.

How to earn crypto interest?

As mentioned above, most cryptocurrencies can be very unpredictable so making money is a great solution when the customer buys and holds dollar stablecoins like USD Coin (USDC). Currently the client can get 15% APY which is the best option compared to bank deposits. And only the Simple Earnings program can boast of such a high percentage. This program is also called USDC Loan.

Most of these investment schemes in stablecoin are referred to as CeFi (centralized) Lending Platforms, which allow the user to predict their value, significantly distinguishing them from DeFi (decentralized) coins, which can and are subject to high volatility and are at risk of becoming. was devalued.

The advantage of CeFi Lending Platforms is that they can guarantee returns of up to 15% per year. There are also stablecoins based on the DeFi protocol, for example the DAI cryptocurrency pegged at the USD rate and its volatility does not exceed 5%. Thanks to the CeFi Lending protocol, it has become possible to deposit, borrow, send and receive money with crypto money, whose price is quite stable. In this way, Simple App users are provided with an investment that is under control and can earn 15% annually, for example, in USDC (USD Coin). On the Simple Application website, the user can find a calculator that will show how much profit the client can make by holding assets in one or another stable coin.

How to earn crypto interest with Simple App?


  1. Register
  2. Download apps
  3. Top up the account with a debit card.
  4. buy USDC
  5. Store crypto assets in USDC.

That’s all it takes.

Considering this type of investment in terms of cryptocurrency rewards program from Simple App, it is worth noting the benefits of users choosing Simple Earnings program among others.

Why do customers choose the Simple App?

Simple App allows one of the best crypto solutions where user can buy, sell, store and earn coins in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Additional benefits of the Simple Earnings program include:

1) Provide industry-leading security with the most advanced communication protocols. These include cold storage systems and offline storage of crypto assets.

2) Security of user accounts. Thanks to Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), which provides dual account protection and requires confirmation of actions using special 6-digit synchronized codes known only to the service or customer.

3) High profitability of coin earnings, which is 10 times more than on a bank deposit.

4) Access to crypto assets at any time. The client can convert their crypto assets into fiat money without any hidden fees and charges and without any withdrawal limits.

5) The profitability of the Simple Income program is higher than inflation in highly developed countries.

6) The user can control and spend crypto assets as the customer wishes. For example, a customer may send stablecoins as payment for something.

7) The monthly fee is calculated on a daily basis.


When the user receives coin earnings, for example with bitcoin, the client increases the long-term financial benefit. All this is due to the fact that the client receives profitability from two factors: the growth in the value of bitcoin and the guaranteed return of 10% per year. When the customer chooses the location and service to store the bitcoins, be sure of the security of the service and high-quality customer support.

The best scenario for profiting from crypto assets is Simple Earnings This option when the user stores bitcoin and earns a guaranteed 10% per year and also profit from the increasing bitcoin price. The second best option is to invest in stablecoin USDC, where the client is guaranteed a 15% annual return. This is the best solution when the user plans to create wealth by investing in cryptocurrencies in the long term.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be considered news/advice.

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