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PRESS RELEASE. ClearIndex is a set of indices powered by ClearDAO that monitors the value of various assets and multiplies their performance. ClearIndex aims to provide stable, integrable and customizable datasets for index-linked products and diversify investment objectives in the crypto space.

Today the team is announcing the official launch of ClearIndex, with the release of the first series of indexes tracking the value of the NFT series for use by ClearDAO ecosystem partners and all DeFi creators. Click here To jump to the website and see more.

What is ClearIndex?

The ClearDAO community is no stranger to indexes. In last year’s testnet competition, we presented an index tracking prices for BTC, ETH, and DOT as options’ core assets. Likewise, the team is working on designing and launching indices based on a more representative selection of crypto assets and capable of tracking the performance of the entire crypto market or a specific subset of it, for example per public chain.

In addition to the cryptocurrency market, ClearIndex also indexes assets in the NFT collectibles market. NFT collections are often beyond the reach of ordinary investors, resulting in a lack of liquidity in the market. That’s why ClearIndex introduced NFT indices to overcome this headache. By defining different NFT index criteria, the team can meet the demand for NFT index funds, NFT fragmentation or other NFT derivatives, thereby lowering the barrier to entry for most investors.

ClearIndex offers many types of ETF-like funds, index-based derivatives (for example, perpetual futures and options), etc. It will serve as a data interface used by DeFi players and will allow DeFi players to have simpler investment tools and wider investment selections. The release of ClearIndex will also contribute to the ClearDAO ecosystem. With an easily accessible indexing of a wider range of assets, enthusiasts have been freed to devise more DeFi variants that push the boundaries.

Trend NFT Series Indices

A rare CryptoPunk was sold for 8,000 ETH this February. Maybe some readers can afford one or two, but not all of them get a piece of the pie. However, each time a particular CryptoPunk trades at a new high, the value of the entire CryptoPunk series will benefit from the traffic it brings and wider acceptance. That’s why we created the NFT Series Index to capture the value of NFT collections.

Initially, the team designed five NFT Series Indices to track the trading performance of five trending NFT series on the Ethereum network, including CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Clone X, NFT Worlds and Loot. These NFT series are considered milestones of their time. Click here To learn more about the NFT Series Indices webpage.

ClearIndex then developed a value weighting mechanism to calculate index levels that could reflect the value of the NFT. All historical deal prices for each NFT collection are taken from the Opensea smart contract and weighted to calculate a ‘true value’. The team then collects values ​​for all collections to create the index level for the entire NFT series.

These five indices were released today with index levels updated in real time. DeFi application for any end user who wants to expand their product offerings into the NFT realm can easily get index prices and design tradable products on them. The team will then continually optimize and improve the index methodology and overall performance so that our index can better capture and reflect the value of NFTs.

expect more

The team designs more indexes and enriches the ClearIndex library during co-development, especially as we develop derivative products with our ecosystem partners. Public Chain Composite Indices are under testing and will be published soon.

The team is open to customizing indices with different logic or underlying assets to meet the needs of any DeFi creator who aims to develop with us. Interested? Say it now!


ClearDAO is building a decentralized crypto derivatives factory to provide developers with SDKs and tools to accelerate the development of crypto derivatives and marketplaces. To date, ClearDAO has completed template development, including options, notes, futures, swaps, and indices, and has participated in the construction of multiple third-party derivatives projects. ClearDAO adopts multi-blockchain strategy and currently supports Ethereum, BNB Chain, Solana, KCC, Arbitrum, etc.

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