Christianna Hurt Has Few Emerging Businesses, But There's So Much More to Her Story

Christianna Hurt Has Few Emerging Businesses, But There’s So Much More to Her Story

Christianna Hurt is only 27 years old but already a successful entrepreneur thanks to her work as an affiliate marketer and WealthyCollegeKid she founded to help many who are wondering how she achieved her success.

Christianna’s entrepreneurial career did not get off to a good start, but rather a necessity when she was fired from not one but several jobs on April 5, 2016. While she now owns businesses with millions in revenue per year, Christianna is humble about her success, which she attributes to her hard work and learning from her mistakes.

Christianna was inducted into the Forbes The Next 1000 class and later selected into the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class. However, there is much more to her business than success – a turbulent relationship, recovery after an eviction, and her tragic miscarriage in 2018 due to domestic violence.

Christianna generously shared her story with us.

Grit Daily: Some people were born to be entrepreneurs, others became entrepreneurs because of circumstances. Which one is you?

Christianna Hurt: To be honest, I don’t think I was born to be an entrepreneur. I became an entrepreneur 100% because of my own situation, but you must remember that my situation is self-caused. I had absolutely no right to go against my family and move out of the house without being ready, let alone the child. But the personality and character I was born with, I wasn’t going to let my parents be right. The situation was going left, so I dwelled on my mistakes and made a way.

Grit Daily: You recently wrote, “Nothing is better than making money before you even get out of bed.” How hard did you try to get to that point?

Christianna Hurt: It lasted 2016-2020. Of course, for almost four years of my journey, I wasn’t consistently able to make money in my sleep or make changes to my lifestyle. I worked day and night. I was on the air every day and night. You can find videos from 2016 until today. I was making money, but I was also making mistakes and paying to fix them.

Grit Daily: I understand your first job was affiliate marketing. How does one start an affiliate marketing business?

Christianna Hurt: It’s not as much as people think. Just find someone who will let you sell their products for them and make a small cut to get them on your feet. The best way to start is with the Facebook marketplace and Amazon. Signing up for accounts on both platforms is completely free.

Grit Daily: At what point in your entrepreneurial journey did you start

Christianna Hurt: I founded WealthyCollegeKid in 2018 as an e-commerce education platform. By then I had been making money for 1-2 years and people wanted to learn basic skill sets. I started creating videos, tutorials and services to meet these market needs. At the time, I was ready to turn in more profits as I survived my eviction. At that time, I was learning to pay taxes.

Grit Daily: What would you like to share that I didn’t ask?

Christianna Hurt: I would like to share that I created Just Kidding Kids because I lost my pregnancy in 2018. It was my way of recovering from my cesarean section, my postpartum depression, and everything else I’ve been dealing with. I was trying to pour that lost love into a children’s clothing brand. I worked hard to build it, but I worked even harder to improve it. It took time, therapy and hope but I can honestly say I am making a lot of progress in 2022. I am so grateful for my growth.

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