CandyDex: A DEX token with the potential to surpass exponential meme markers

CandyDex: A DEX token with the potential to surpass exponential meme markers

Stormy DEX token CandyDex (CANDYDEX) in 2022. All investors’ eyes were turned to the CandyDex coin because according to crypto wallet investors, the list price of the coin would have been 1000X -3000X in the same year.

The token started with a good IDO price of 0.1 USD and is expected to go on sale at 1 USD in the last round of IDO sale. So the trade start price will definitely be double or more of the final sale, it will be around 4-5 USD, then when you see that you buy the coins at the price of 0.1 USD and hold them for 3 months, it will be the coin. Jump as high as you think. Towards the end of August, things got a little more interesting. Your investment at this stage will become a big package.

Here they offer to have their own stock market plan to launch when they complete the Dex sale and promote it with the stock market, in development, we heard about the team that they are now all former employees of well-known exchanges and banks. CANDYDEX token, Shiba, Floki, Doge, etc. will have more recognition than anyone else. Within 15 days, it has already reached 85,000 token holders. So, continuing in the same way, some large marine fish will come in to keep the candies in a big bag. We can say that this will be the biggest sensational token in 2022.

The total supply of Candydex tokens is 500000000 and burned 80000000 as the first move. Stay in circulation 420000000. When we see that Floki’s total supply is 10,000,000,000,000, and Shiba’s total supply is 589,735,030,408,323. Hence, there is a greater chance of increasing the price of Candydex tokens when they are traded.

Etherscan is a decentralized exchange on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avax, Fantom and USDT. Trading in the CANDYDEX token (CANDYDEX) allows crypto holders to participate in the governance of this finance protocol as they enter the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. CANDYDEX (CANDYDEX) is a cryptocurrency deployed on the POLYGON Smart Chain (MATIC). Unlike other decentralized exchanges, CANDYDEX tokens allow holders to buy in ETH, BNB, MATIC, AVAX, FTM and Tron-based cryptocurrencies, which are called “swap”. The action is seen as a more liquid way to exchange large volumes of crypto.

Reasons to buy CandyDex:

  • Our global community is growing fast: more than 50,000 members on Telegram
  • 85k+ Account holders in 15 days
  • We build the world’s best DEX Platform with multi-network support
  • Diverse Ecosystem: Financial Services, Exchange and barter
  • Experienced Team: Leaders who bring you, Uniswap and Convex Finance
  • Burned 16% of CandyDex Tokens on the first move
  • Token audited by well-known companies


CANDYDEX sale started Initial DEX Offering on April 25th. IDO sale continues on

Round 1:25/4/2022 Price: 0.1USD

2nd circuit: To be announced after 1st roundPrice: 0.5USD

Round 3: To be announced after the 2nd roundPrice: 1USD

After the pre-sale rounds are complete, the CandyDex project plans to launch its own Decentralized Exchange immediately on schedule. Specifically, the team launched IDO, launched another token burn, developed an NFT Marketplace, created a native blockchain, and launched a surprise airdrop with its own token.

The great and reliable feature here is that the token contract has been audited for the best standard features from “Tech Audit”, “Audit Whale” and others, there are more audits from other trusted organizations like “Haze Crypto” (28th announcement). Next up for final reports are Certik” (Pipeline) and “Hacken”.

More information about the CandyDex token can be found here

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Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be considered news/advice.

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