Build and reward on Mars: Mars4 releases first gameplay demo

Build and reward on Mars: Mars4 releases first gameplay demo

First trial version Mars4, a play-to-win survival game, is now available for Mars4 landowners. In this game, players will be able to learn basic mechanics and build the first Mars station or other building. To increase the excitement, Mars4 is holding a construction competition: build, submit and win prizes!

NFT brings fun to games – Mars4

While crypto games offer a lot – they profit from playing the game – they have received many well-deserved criticism: they just aren’t interesting.

this Mars4 aims to create a project. the game This is both fun and interesting. It is an AAA PvE game with a scientifically inspired environment.

In the game, users mine for materials, explore their terrain to find the best spot for their station, and build various structures to increase their chances of survival. Users can become pioneer colonists and terraform the Red Planet, gather in habitats and earn money by playing the game.

Mars4 has the feel of the classic game, but also includes a play-to-win element that makes it the best of both worlds.

What NFTs does Mars4 offer?

With Mars4, users have a piece of land on Mars as NFT. Later in the game, he’ll be free to explore his old properties, dig resources from it, and even terraform it. These Mars land NFTs are similar to the Red Planet there, as NASA data was used to construct them.

More in-game NFTs will be added in the near future. They will contain a wide variety of things such as vehicles and avatars (colonists). These assets will allow players to earn significantly more money in less time.

How can users make money using Mars4?

There are two ways to exploit Mars4: passive and active.

Passive income is earned community poolIt is an income distribution tool. MARS4 dollars Continually contributes to the community pool from a variety of sources, including sales, in-game transactions, and advertisements. Landowners have the option to open the community pool and split the content among investors. The productivity score that players develop as a result of their investment in Mars4 determines their share of the community pool. This way, users will earn more money if they have more NFTs (in-game and terrain).

Gaming is also an active source of income. to obtain MARS4 dollars In the game, players can trade various items and complete quests for other players. For example, users can become a worldwide driver and transfer resources for other players with their vehicle NFT.

Play-win: a bright future on the horizon

Many NFT games are in their early stages of development with release dates yet to be determined. This is hardly surprising given how new the trend is. Since developing a game takes a lot of time, money and expertise, we won’t be able to play most of these games anytime soon.

This is where Mars4 excels: the game demo is available now. In the demo, users will build various structures on Mars. The best projects will also be rewarded, as Mars4 plans to host a construction competition.

Mars4 is making great strides towards creating a fully immersive Mars metaverse experience incorporating blockchain technology. The fully finished game is expected to be released next year. The Mars4 team plans to release game versions before launching the entire metaverse. This is done to gather feedback and help early players master the game’s mechanics.


Mars4 It is an example of Web3 as it provides participants with the tools they need to manage and benefit from the project. It combines the fun aspect of the traditional game with a play-to-win mechanism created by blockchain technology to provide the best of both worlds: a fun AAA game that lets participants earn money. As other games are still in the early stages of development, Mars4 is releasing its first game demo and is leading the P2E market.

Now is the time to join the rapidly growing community and play Mars4 for the first time! To add to the excitement, Mars4 will hold a construction competition in which any land owner can enter.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be considered news/advice.

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