BitKeep Crypto Red Packets aim to be an instant hit in X2E communities

BitKeep Crypto Red Packets aim to be an instant hit in X2E communities

BitKeep, the leading Web3.0 wallet company, shares its users’ virtual wealth with BSC, Polygon, AVAX-C, Phantom, Arbitrum, HECO Chain, OKC, Optimism, KCC, Fuse, etc. Among these thirteen mainnets, BSC and Polygon account for 95% of Crypto Red Packets sent since the launch of the innovative feature, showing the landscape of global mainnets in a sense.

In particular, the Social2Earn and Game2Earn communities at BSC and Polygon are embracing Crypto Red Bundles with open arms. From June 6th to June 20th, BitKeep is sharing Red Packets on Twitter via @BitKeepOS to reward royal users.

According to the BitKeep Crypto Red Packet Popularity Ranking, the most shipped tokens in the first week are GMT, IXT, and MILK.

GMT is the management icon for StepN, a Move2Earn game and one of the most popular Web3.0 projects in 2022. The StepN game is still hot, although the falling price of STEPN sneakers has cast doubt on the project as a “ponzi scheme.” It has a Discord community of more than 770 thousand members and has more than 70 thousand daily active users. On April 28, 2022, the price of GMT reached $4.17 USD and the total market cap reached an astonishing $25 billion USD. However, after that, the coin price dropped to a relatively stable range of around $1, making it an ideal coin choice to share through Crypto Red Bundles.

IXT is the management icon for Planet IX, a popular Game2Earn project at Polygon. The IXT token was released on November 20, 2021 to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions in the game. IXT plays an important role in Planet IX and can be used for liquidity mining. Planet IX has a Discord community of over 56,000 members. Five thousand players are active in the game every day. IXT is currently priced at just over $1. The popularity of the game makes IXT the best choice for Planet IX community members to send “Crypto Red Packets”.

The MILK token is derived from Cool Cats, an NFT project on Ethereum. It is now used in the Cool Cats and Cool Pets ecosystem. Cool Cats is one of the most famous NFT projects in the world with accumulated transaction volume, ranking 13th on OpenSea. and total trading volume in excess of 100,000 ETH. Many artists and art collectors have come together in the Cool Cats community for its unique culture. The Cool Cats project now has a Discord community of 97,000 members and over 10,000 daily active users.

Cool Cats NFTs produce MILK for their owners, and tokens can be used to buy property and increase combat power. It can also be used in the Cool Cats metaverse for the Cool Pets evolution. MILK peaked at $0.187 when it was released on February 15, 2022. However, since the coin has no supply constraints, its price has gradually dropped. Plenty of MILK can be sent without costing you an arm and a leg – a great way to create a stir in the community because it seems like too much.

These three coins are from hot NFT games with extremely active communities. Gamers who like to discuss their gaming experiences can also use BitKeep Crypto Red Packs to interact with other members. By sending Crypto Red Packages containing these tokens, GMT, IXT and MILK holders/enthusiasts can attract more potential players, making BitKeep Crypto Red Packages a great alternative to airdrop events.

The Crypto Red Packets feature can also be a great promotional tool for NFT projects and mainnets. For example, for NFT projects, the team can send Red Packets to community members to cover some of the cost of printing NFTs, thus encouraging more users to buy their NFT; For mainnets, staff can choose to share their local tokens with current and potential users via Red Packets, so users can explore different projects on the mainnet at a lower cost.

Individual users can also share Crypto Red Packs with their Web3.0 friends on different social media platforms. KOLs have reportedly sent Crypto Red Packets in their own chat groups to increase engagement. According to a famous NFT KOL who manages a Discord community of nearly 1,000 members, Crypto Red Packets are so refreshing for members at home and abroad that members are sending out huge numbers of Crypto Red Packs with no specific purpose, bringing the entire community to a new level of activity. Packages will soon replace “Good Morning” and become a new form of greeting.

BitKeep’s Crypto Red Packs feature aims to increase user engagement and color the community, so it’s no surprise that it makes interaction more fun on social media platforms.

Users can share their tokens in Crypto Red Bundles. And his friends, once they’ve requested one of the red packets, can directly deposit funds into each of their BitKeep wallets and then use those tokens for transactions.

Maybe the next time you send a “Good morning” message to the chat group, you will also send BitKeep Crypto Red Packets.

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Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be considered news/advice.

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