Bitcoin 2022 Bazaar Five Stalls

Bitcoin 2022 hosted high-profile keynotes, announcements, and panel discussions. But it also became the center of attention of the plebs. The Bitcoin Marketplace was a place to get to know some of the most interesting projects in the Bitcoin product – not necessarily world-changing, but certainly refreshing.

Bitcoin for panties

“BTC — Be Really Confident”

— Briefs for Bitcoin

What I initially thought of as a weird Bitcoiner meme turned out to be high-end, Italian-made lingerie run by a lovely family. Pablo, the mastermind behind the business, is an Argentine expat with decades of experience in the underwear industry and a penchant for money away from government interference. A few years ago he combined his two obsessions and founded Panties for Bitcoin. With “no more nominal panties” and “Be Really Sure” as company slogans, Pablo and his family – his wife Silvia and son Michael – are doing their part for the circular economy by offering 10% off orders paid in bitcoin.

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