Binance NFT Prepares for Incredible Urbanball Drop

Beneath the flawless veneer of traditional football (soccer) lies a gritty underground of high-stakes 1v1 tournaments featuring seasoned athletes in the highest caliber battle in which a string of winners in all ‘Fightball’ competitions compete. The fun begins as the best players in each participating country fight for the ultimate single winner before these self-made heroes compete at the highest level in a grand tournament. fight ball World Championship.

All this amazing effort forms a small part of a wider ecosystem. A place where players get the recognition and financial compensation they deserve, and where fans can buy and wear a variety of stylish items and compete virtually in a huge play-to-win arena, all powered by the incredible face of NFTs, of course. . Welcome to Urbanball and all the exciting opportunities it has to offer.

Buzz Reaches Fever Level with Second Dose of NFT

After the extremely successful sale of their first NFT, Urbanball is back for their second outing. This time he immortalizes the legends of the Belgian Street football scene. Therefore, 10,000 brand new Urbanball cards will arrive on the blockchain, offering utility value for the upcoming play-to-win gaming experience scheduled to arrive in December.

This is the last collection Binance NFT platform June 24 at 11:00 UTC At a discounted price of $25. It comes as a blind drop in packs of 10k, each containing a character card featuring one of Belgium’s greatest players, or a skill card representing players’ football abilities to boost player performance. Both are required to try your luck in the Urbanball arena.

Also, those lucky enough to find one of the exceptionally rare cards in the collection will win incredible extra prizes. For example, the owner of Sean Garnier Flame Edition NFT from the previous sale went to Qatar at all costs to meet football legend Neymar!

More NFT Goodness in the Pipeline

But that’s not the end of the NFT goodness’ grand scheme. The Urbanball and Binance NFT partnership will see each country get their own collection. As such, it comes with an incredible drop every month until the official game launch in December.

Incredible Urbanball Ecosystem

The exciting world of Urbanball creates a massive interconnected football environment. Led by a great collaboration between the 2x Freestyle world champion and social media superstar, Sean Garnierfan engagement platform old sport, Binance NFT and Emarr Entertainment. All with the honorable goal of increasing the visibility of sports stars and, in addition, giving them more earning opportunities.

Through the Urbanball ecosystem, fans can interact in a variety of ways. Above all, following incredible real-life tournaments and supporting their favorite players as they progress from the group (country) stages to the grand finals in Dubai.

In addition, users can show their added support through a wide variety of physical items, including stylish soccer balls and a fine line in sportswear and bags, while reliving their favorite moments with an amazing play-to-win gaming experience that will come later. year.

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