Best Guardianship Wallets for NFTs in 2022

Due to the decentralized nature of the blockchain, many users are reluctant to leave their assets at the mercy of a centralized exchange. Instead, they prefer to access their non-tradable tokens and cryptocurrencies through wallets that are not subject to custody. In essence, this means that the user has full control over their private keys.

This system provides unparalleled security to cautious users, while careless users will be at risk of potential exploits. So, in a healthy spirit of effort, it’s worth taking a quick look at what’s under the hood of some of the most popular custodyless wallets.


Coming out of the vaults of the veteran Ethereum developer, consensusMetaMask remains by far the most popular non-custodial wallet on the market, with support for both Android and iPhone users.

Besides, metamask it also connects with a wide range of decentralized applications and NFT marketplaces, allowing users to purchase and interact with NFTs through various chains.

MetaMask contains an array standardized security features all centered around a 12-factor seed phrase that makes the content irretrievable if misplaced. Additionally, users must grant permission at the dapp level, which may result in unwanted people gaining access to their funds. However, to increase security, MetaMask also supports leading hardware wallets from both Trezor and Ledger.


  • Wide User Community
  • Hardware Wallet Support
  • In Internal Web3 Browser
  • Multiple Chains Supported


  • No Support for Solana NFTs
  • Not Beginner Friendly
  • Fiat Not Supported

Take a closer look at MetaMask >> Here

Wallet NOW

Relatively new on the scene, NOW Wallet is the product of the innovative crypto exchange. change now. It offers a window into the decentralized drone through both Android and IOS. All users have full control over their private keys and no registration is required.

NFT support comes in the form of a fully functional digital asset ecosystem, which means that non-tradable collectors, send and receive your prize coins Besides trading in various marketplaces, they can also curate their own collections. Next, ChangeNOW will include an in-house developed marketplace optimized for the platform. This will be in addition to the inclusion of both Binance Smart Chain and Solana Networks.

Top Five Wallets That Store NFT

NOW Wallet has one of the most user-friendly interfaces in the industry, allowing users to interact with their non-tradable tokens in the easiest way possible. All supported by the ability to purchase using more than 60 standard fiat currencies.


  • Supports Fiat Payments
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Supported NFTs in APP
  • Wide Range of Services


  • ‚óŹ No NFT Support in Solana and BSC Yet

Get to know your Wallet NOW >> Here


AlphaWallet It comes in the form of a 100% open-source, mobile-optimized custody-free wallet, giving tech-savvy users more room to customize their services. However, it does not offer a swap feature Instead, it’s on its platform that allows users to make purchases using a debit card. Security comes in the form of biometric and pin code protection, all backed by a 12-word seed phrase.

Top Five Wallets That Store NFT


  • Supports Most Game Tokens
  • 100% Open Sourcecons
  • It is for the Technologically Intelligent
  • No Change Feature

Learn more about AlphaWallet >> Here

Trust Wallet

Another widely used option on Android and IOS devices, Trust Wallet benefits from its integration with multiple chains. However, NFT support is currently limited to ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. Additionally, an integrated dapp browser Makes navigating the Web3 ecosystem child’s playa special NFT feature allows users to view and view their assets from a single convenient access point.

Top Five Wallets That Store NFT

Security comes in the form of standard biometrics backed by a 12 factor seed phrase. However, some users report that the platform will benefit from tighter access restrictions.


  • Crypto Support for a Wide Variety of Blockchains
  • Integrated Dapp Browser
  • Special NFT Feature


  • Security Could Be Stronger

Take a spin on Trust Wallet >> Here


Decentral, the product of the Canadian development team, jaxx It stands out as a versatile wallet that can be used for a wide variety of mobile and desktop devices. Right now, Supports Jaxx wallet predominantly Ethereum-based assets so users can easily use NFTs to trade. However, the platform currently has no way to view tokens that cannot be exchanged via the wallet.

Top Five Wallets That Store NFT

Jaxx uses bank-grade encryption to secure its platform and also provides access via facial recognition and password protection. All supported by a personal 12-word seed phrase to keep these assets safe.


  • Available for Desktop and Mobile
  • Supported by a Wide Range of Operating Systems
  • Bank Level Encryption


  • No Special NFT Feature
  • Customer Support Is Not Responding

See what Jaxx has to offer >> Here

As a result, unattended wallets allow greater control over these valuable assets. However, all self-managed access credentials belong to the user. So, if this seed phrase is blocked, the assets tied to it will be lost in the massive crypto void. However, financial institutions have long been a scourge of human existence and get away from their harmful grips should be welcomed with open arms.

MetaMask, which currently has millions of users, continues to be the number one choice of experienced collectors. However, NOW Wallet will prove the easiest to understand for market newbies, taking advantage of its intuitive user interface to provide a simple and fluid introduction to collecting NFTs.

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