B2Broker's B2Core integrates a new trading platform

B2Broker’s B2Core integrates a new trading platform

B2Broker team excited to announce the latest news B2Core Integration with cTrader, the world’s leading multi-asset FX and CFD trading platform. Thanks to the new integration, our clients and users will be able to trade a variety of instruments on one of the world’s leading platforms. A B2Core client locker is now available for all brokers using cTrader. CTrader is a trading platform that offers fast execution, low latency, an easy to use interface and a wide range of features that make it an attractive option for traders worldwide.

The cTrader platform will work similarly to other platforms in the B2core ecosystem. The platform can be accessed directly from the trader’s room, making it convenient and simple to manage both demo and live trading accounts.

B2Core has also created a completely new front-end for the cTrader platform to maximize the user experience. With the new design, users can easily access and access all the tools and tools needed to succeed in trading.

If users are trading with cTrader, B2Core provides them with many features and benefits. In addition to demo and real accounts, users can trade in various currencies, use leverage options and take advantage of other account features. If they lose the password of their cTrader account and cannot restore it via the trading terminal, B2Core covers all its users. Users can change their passwords directly from the investor’s room. Users can choose to generate their new passwords automatically or manually. This way, users will have an extra layer of security to keep their accounts safe and sound.

There will be several powerful new features included in the cTrader integration shortly, such as partial leverage volumes and hedge/net account types. Taking advantage of these features will greatly expand the options available to traders. The app also allows users to track key account metrics such as Free Funds, Leverage, Free Margin, Balance and Equity, and archive their accounts. The B2Core panel will also receive an upgrade to give users more control. The team is currently working on developing features that will increase the amount of account customization administrators can do from the B2Core panel. The goal is to improve the productivity and operations of our users through these improvements.

Panagiotis Charalampous, Head of Community Management at Spotware, the company behind cTrader, said:

“Remaining in line with our philosophy of being an open platform, we always welcome new integrations and are committed to bringing them to life, we are delighted that B2Core has successfully joined the thriving ecosystem of cTrader integrations and we look forward to presenting it. A great new option for brokers and traders.”

Daniel Skitev, Head of B2Broker Marketing, added:

“The new integration will meet the needs of the usability of multiple trading platforms and will inevitably improve our user experience, we are constantly trying to push the boundaries of what is possible to provide the best possible services to our users in the Fintech industry.”

Thanks to the latest integration, the B2Core team is able to offer their customers an even wider range of trading platforms. This will greatly benefit both them and B2Core. In total, the platform now supports seven different trading platforms, including cTrader, MT4, MT5, OneZero, B2Trader, PrimeXM and DXtrade. The team plans to support even more in the future so users can expect integration with ActTrader soon.

set He is excited to work with B2Core and help users take their and their users’ trading to the next level with cTrader.

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