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Automate Your Affiliate Marketing with Tapfiliate and Zapier

At MeetEdgar, we help small businesses automate their social media posts so they can spend more time on the personal and business interactions that really matter. With our Tapfiliate, Zapier, and other third-party tools, we can do the same for our referral marketing.

The Tapfiliate/Zapier combination has allowed us, even as a start, to have an affiliate program that keeps us in constant contact with our affiliates and rewards them in uniquely fun ways. Thanks to a lot of Zapier automation, we have been able to scale our affiliate marketing program and we still have time to focus on ways to make the program better rather than wasting time with tedious administrative tasks.

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One of our three core values ​​has always been “Value for Value” (we make sure those responsible for our success are treated the way they deserve) and one way we have acted in the past is to reward customers. Who did things like attend live webinars or refer us to new clients? It was something we did randomly, but not something we advertised or did systematically.

What we found is that customers who love MeetEdgar Really I love MeetEdgar and many of these clients have been with us for years. We also found that people referred to us are both more likely to convert and more likely to stay around longer. That’s when we started looking for a more formal affiliate/referral program that didn’t rely on us detecting random customer courtesy behaviors.

We knew from the beginning we wanted to retain our personal touch and our sincere gratitude for these customers, but to do this at scale, we will need to automate all the parts we can.

Introduction to Our Octopals

It all starts with hiring our Octopals (“Octopals” are our affiliates – a callback to Edgar, our octopus mascot). We only allow active customers to enter the program, so it is important to us that we have our own web page that explains the terms of the program and the behavior expected of applicants. This page is also home to our application form, which collects information such as the address of the affiliate (so we can send fun loot) and forwards applications to Zapier.

Through Zapier, we can forward the information we collect for our customer experience team to Intercom, update the subscriber record in MailChimp for marketing, and add all customer-provided details to Tapfiliate to create a new partner profile.

Tapfiliate webhooks allow us to trigger Zaps based on various events. In the case of an affiliate registration, once an affiliate has been successfully added and approved to our program, we will shorten the affiliate link to our Rebrandly account, send a custom welcome email through Mandrill immediately, and then send a handwritten welcome note via Handwrytten. We also take the opportunity to add shortened affiliate links to Intercom and MailChimp.

All this happens without any interference on our part.

Additionally, we create an Asana task to check things out later, but that doesn’t delay the affiliate recruitment process in the slightest. So, if you’re really excited about enrolling a friend on MeetEdgar, you can sign up in literally 5 minutes.

Educating and Treating Muzaffer

Beyond onboarding, the integration of Tapfiliate, Zapier, and all our third-party tools allows us to respond quickly and at scale to affiliate/refer actions.

For each successful referral purchase, we update partners’ information on MailChimp and Intercom to include the number of successful referrals they have made. It’s helpful to have this information when we want to do things like notify them about upcoming promotions or request referrals from our most active affiliates. Again, this all comes back to “Value for Value.” We always want to make sure that people who participate in our success are rewarded!

We also use data such as the affiliate’s custom referral link, referral count, and monthly referral count to create a custom newsletter with news about app updates (to get them excited about new features they can talk about when recommending to their friends).

Of course, this information is also useful when we want to send congratulatory emails to affiliates and trigger loot rewards via Printfection. Every referral results in a confirmation that their link has been used, and every few successful referrals result in loot in mailboxes.


I’d be sorry if I didn’t include our most useless (and favorite) integration. All this automation at work is great, but if you’re looking for some celebratory fun, it’s easy too.

By catching a commission hook from Tapfiliate on Zapier, you can stream successful referrals to IFTTT. From here you can configure your Hue lights to flash, start playing “Once Again” on your Google Home, and tell your Nest thermostat to lower the room temperature in preparation for the upcoming dance party. (Note: This configuration works best if you have a home office, but to be honest, nothing invigorates a co-working space like popping Daft Punk when you add a new redirect).


While all these Zaps, workflows, and flashing lights may seem daunting, the benefit for a small business or startup is that they just need to be set up. Once upon a time. After that, you can do all the fun things a much larger business would do for their affiliates, without the overhead and manual tasks. Now when we step in is having unique conversations with our top partners or running promotions for bonus rewards. The result is a program that we, our affiliates, and our recommendations enjoy.

Want to try automating your affiliate program? Try all the features: 👉Get a free 14-day trial here

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