Automate Affiliate Engagement via Zapier

When recruiting a new member, you want to make sure you protect your brand, agree terms, stay tax compliant, and make the affiliate a success. This doesn’t happen automatically as soon as you approve the affiliate, but it can be a lot to remember.

Why not use a checklist to help you review and onboard new members as they arrive? This way, you make sure the affiliate is well-suited to marketing your product, setting expectations, and complying with the law – all without having to fret over the important thing you probably forgot.

If you do your research thoroughly when a new member applies, you can really save time by documenting your process. In this post, I will show you a new documented affiliate recruitment process and then tell you how you can integrate it with Tapfiliate to save time and keep track of your affiliate practices.

When an affiliate signs up through your Tapfiliate link, you collect a range of information to help you decide whether it is acceptable. Why not centralize your data by automatically collecting it alongside the checklist?

You can export Tapfiliate data to over 1000 apps by integrating it with Zapier, a freemium automation platform that lets you set rules called ‘zaps’. For example, in this post, we’ll look at a zap that runs a Process Street checklist and automatically populates it with the applicant’s data every time a new member registers with Tapfiliate.

Once the checklist is run, you can work on it and qualify or disqualify the applicant, working through the steps and gathering information as needed. You may want to review their testimonials about your product, interview them, or be instructed on the best way to identify themselves as a partner. For some larger deals, you may want to record the steps of a more hands-on hiring process so you don’t miss something important.

To get started, you must first add the affiliate engagement checklist to your Process Street account by clicking ‘I want this for my business’ in the embed below:

Then go to Zapier and make a new zap. Choose Tapfiliate’s “New Partner” as the trigger:

Next, you will need to link your Tapfiliate account. You can find your API key linked in the prompt that Zapier displays.

Before you move on to the final stage of the action setup (“Pull Samples”), you need to make sure you have at least one affiliate app that Zapier can connect to and use to test the integration. If you don’t have the data, create a fake record on Tapfillaite, otherwise continue.

The second half of Zap is Process Street’s “Create Checklist” action. You can get your account’s API key for authentication here. Once connected, you are ready to choose the template on which to run the checklist. For this example, the New Partner Engagement checklist is.

Use the highlighted arrow to select your template. Next, we’ll map Tapfiliate variables to Process Street form fields to ensure that the checklist is populated with the applicant’s data when creating it and that you can easily refer to the information when evaluating it.

To do this, use Zapier’s “Add Field” feature, which is highlighted below, represented by the icon at the far right of the field:

In this example, I set the checklist name to always be the full name of the affiliate and the company name. This makes it easy for you to know exactly which checklist corresponds to which affiliate.

Next, it’s just a matter of matching Process Street’s form fields to Tapfiliate’s variables. The names of the fields are almost the same, which makes the job easier.

Continue testing by filling out the template in Zapier. A successful test will already generate a test checklist for you on Process Street, so you can verify that the zap is working by going to Process Street to see:

Now you can be sure to thoroughly review each new applicant and keep track of their basics and assessment in one place.

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