Aurora Protocol has announced the Aurora+ platform!

Aurora Protocol announced Aurora+An exciting new platform that provides Aurora users with free transactions, AURORA tokens, airdrops and more.

Blockchain is among the most popular of all new technologies and is often referred to as Web 3.0. But as new contributors have discovered, it’s very complex, with technical challenges every step of the way. The world of Google and Facebook drove the widespread adoption of Web 2.0. The clear opportunity now is to bridge the innovative world of Web 3.0 with the convenience and familiarity of Web 2.0.

We are excited to inaugurate this bridge today. Aurora+!

What is Aurora+?

Aurora+ is an exciting new affiliate program with incredible benefits for Aurora users. All Aurora users available today have a free Basic accountincluding:

  1. 50 free transactions per month. One of the biggest user experience hurdles in all cryptocurrencies is understanding and dealing with transaction fees. Aurora+ removes this problem and frees up the blockchain!
  2. AURORA Staking. Feeling AURORA tokens, Aurora+ members will enjoy not only a steady stream of AURORA rewards, but also reward streams from the best projects in the Aurora ecosystem!
  3. AURORA Airdrop. To ensure all Aurora+ members enjoy Aurora Staking benefits, anyone who creates an account on Aurora+ will be offered the opportunity to claim and stake an Aurora Airdrop during the first week of launch!

These are the benefits available today. In the future, Aurora will continue to develop the Aurora+ platform with anticipated features such as:

  1. Paid Premium Plans. Maybe you need more than 50 transactions per month. Maybe you are a trader and your transactions need to be prioritized. Just like mobile phone service, Aurora+ Premium plans allow users to access features and services that fit their needs exactly.
  2. Management involvement. Aurora+ members who feel AURORA will be eligible to participate in the governance of the Aurora protocol through participation in AuroraDAO.
  3. Special transactions. Considering the technical foundations between Aurora and NEAR protocol, Aurora+ will offer a solution to Ethereum Dark Forest issues related to transaction analysis and pre-execution.
  4. One-point KYC. Aurora+ will offer on-demand KYC from the user’s dashboard, save the results to the blockchain and make them available to all dApps in the Aurora ecosystem that require KYC.

Aurora is working to optimize the user experience not only for its users, but also for its ecosystem apps and platforms.

Aurobots — A special collection of NFTs

We are excited to announce the famous words of Steve Jobs – one more thing!

To celebrate the launch of Aurora+, Aurora is giving away NFTs from renowned NFT creator Mr. Brown’s awesome new collection “Aurobots”.

111 unique Aurobot NFTs will be randomly distributed to lucky winners in multiple lotteries corresponding to platform milestones in the first few weeks of launch. In addition to having a great NFT, Aurobot owners will also benefit from a 10x increase in their monthly free trades!

I will start today!

Create your own free Aurora+ today and start experiencing the benefits of Web 3.0 with the convenience of Web 2.0 at:

What is aurora?

Aurora is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) built on NEAR, providing a solution for developers to deploy their applications on an Ethereum-compatible, highly efficient, scalable and future-proof platform with low transaction costs for their users. Aurora is backed by top VCs such as Pantera Capital, Electric Capital, Dragonfly Capital, Three Arrows Capital and Alameda Research.

You can learn more about Aurora at:

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be considered news/advice.

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