An in-depth look at LBank Exchange's fees and user experience

An in-depth look at LBank Exchange’s fees and user experience

LBank is a crypto exchange founded in 2015. Despite being in a crypto-hostile state of China, it has grown steadily since its inception and is currently thriving with over 120 unique crypto tokens listed on its platform and a growth over daily trading volume. 1.83 billion dollars. This crypto exchange has grown in popularity and is now available in over 200 regions with 6.4 million users. The LBank platform is ideal for beginners, thanks to its fast account setup, responsive customer support, and extensive library of educational materials. With advanced features like third-party integrations, trading indicators, and derivatives options for the crypto exchange’s API, it’s a great choice for industry veterans.

This exchange has been in operation for seven years and so far has not been hacked or lost users’ wallets, which is a relatively rare feat to achieve in the blockchain ecosystem. Thanks to the short registration queue paired with minimal document requirements, the platform is ideal for crypto traders, especially in Asia. Now, let’s take a closer look at four key indicators that give us an idea of ​​what makes LBank a great crypto exchange suitable for trading your blockchain assets.


Despite the challenges crypto platforms typically face in markets, LBank is a successful and reliable crypto exchange that offers multi-device support in the form of apps for both Android and iOS. With the LBank trading application, you can start trading on your computer, switch to your phone and return to your computer without any synchronization problems in your trading or buy orders.

The exchange uses state security features that integrate two-factor authentication and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates on its website and applications. On the financial side, all crypto stored with LBank has the maximum level of security possible, as the crypto exchange uses both hot and cold wallets to make it impossible to steal crypto or other blockchain assets. The ease of use is further exemplified by the availability of educational materials for newer traders, preventing them from making classic mistakes that an experienced trader can avoid.

Fiat Fares

Most crypto exchanges charge three types of fees, deposit fees, withdrawal fees, and trading fees. The LBank fee system is slightly different and charges two other types of fees called maker fees and buyer fees. Despite these additional fees, the overall increase is minimal in an already affordable system as the new fees are only a flat 0.1% on each market order and limit execution.

Trading fees are a reasonable 0.1% on every trade, which is effectively nothing compared to some other exchanges. Combined with zero deposit fees and low withdrawal fees, LBank users have a distinct advantage over others. Click for full list of withdrawal fees here.

Coin Lists

LBank has a wide variety of altcoins and stablecoins as well as all major crypto tokens available on the crypto exchange, bringing the total number to over a hundred with crypto tokens added every month. The platform does not support fiat pairs but instead offers 180+ crypto pairs.

Also, the platform is currently accepting 149 fiat currencies for buying crypto, making it one of the most widely accessible platforms. This is also seen in a variety of accepted payment methods, from international options like MasterCard and Visa to more regional variants like Australia Post and GoJek, giving users a plethora of options for purchasing crypto and other blockchain assets.

Customer service

There is extensive support for users, starting with a text-based system. Support Center for all possible user questions. The support center also includes educational resources and reading, eliminating the need for a support center for most traders.

The platform also provides live support with its trained managers via live chat or social media, giving each trader the help they need on a case-by-case basis. Investors can also use e-mail support and reach LBank from a support e-mail address on the website.


All in all, LBank is a platform that offers ease of access, minimum fees, token diversity and excellent customer service for both beginners and veterans. Click for more information about LBank here To visit websites.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be considered news/advice.

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