Aeternals Waits For Crypto And NFT Recovery

Lucia Gallardo, co-founder of The Aeternals

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2022 / — The leading team of The Aeternals non-tradable token (NFT) collection, which directs some of its revenue towards rainforest conservation, volatility is currently shaking the blockchain-powered metadata warehouse.

Lucía Gallardo, co-founder of The Aeternals, believes that knowledgeable investors understand the true value of clearly defined projects that are committed to making a positive impact on the world around them, and will “take back the treasures in the bear market.”

The company’s leaders were inspired by the native flora of the Amazon and wanted their offerings to foster a sense of commitment and guardianship between the collectors of their NFTs and the rich resources and biodiversity of the forests.

“We are confident that The Aeternals stands out from the buzz of dying projects in this kind of bear market,” said Gallardo, adding that the market distinguishes between projects that are high-benefit and have a long-term roadmap, and projects that are simply promising. to deliver value in the future.

While most current NFT offerings are virtual and almost ephemeral, Aeternals collections stand out from the crypto swarm because they offer assets powered by the multidimensional utility, allowing them to emotionally connect and invest in efforts like rainforest conservation.

Despite their current market instability, Gallardo believes NFTs are a democratizing tool that attracts not only elite, sophisticated investors who use them as tools for wealth creation, but also new types of players drawn into the space, including artists and storytellers. .

This diversity in talent makes NFTs an interesting and engaging experience, because it’s “artistic, creative, and fun, and something people want to learn more about.”

The Aeternals co-founder sees the current volatility of the crypto market as an opportunity to stand out in a crowd where many projects with no real value have failed.

“The outlook for credible projects with benefit and impact, which builds a long-term roadmap based on a clear vision, is encouraging. “This is because teams that are reputable, doxxed, and committed to the long-term are actually doing well in bear markets.”

The NFT space is expected to recover soon, and according to blockchain data platform Chainalysis, collectors have so far sent more than $37 billion to NFT markets in 2022, putting them ready to exceed the $40 billion sent in 2021.

Projection is well received by Gallardo and his team at The Aeternals: “This is an opportunity for projects like ours to really stand up and say, ‘Hey, this is a quality project.’ We are in the business for the long term.’”

About Aeternals
Aeternals is the first NFT to combine beautiful 3D digital art, interactive gamification and metamorphosis with tangible social impact and a custom impact measurement framework. Each unique and striking asset, when purchased and/or sold, contributes directly and transparently to rainforest conservation; buys carbon offsets; provides access to a special game environment; provides access to a stratified community of like-minded collectors; and provides access to a small group of ultra-rare NFTs, including for example the rights to name Amazon’s newly discovered species.

Aeternals was co-founded by Digigo, an agency that offers NFTs as a Service, and Emerge, an agency specializing in combining distributed technologies with models of sustainable development and economic incentives. Digigo and Emerge are working together on NFT-based tools like The Aeternals that impact an investable asset class and socioeconomic movement.

Rainforest Partnership fuels the work of indigenous and rainforest communities protecting South America’s rainforests to support a healthy and vibrant planet.

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