Advertising on the Metaverse: Top 5 Marketing Strategies

Advertising on the Metaverse: Top 5 Marketing Strategies

Virtual reality is advancing rapidly to serve as a tool to connect, socialize, define, educate and transform the way we do business. Many big brands have tried digital collectibles, concerts, clothing and more. In 2021, world-famous brands such as Nike, Disney, Sotheby’s, Gucci, Adidas and many more hosted their own events on the metaverse as a form of advertising.

There are many reasons why marketers choose. metaverse advertising as a form of marketing. Not only is it an unexplored region brimming with potential, it’s also exciting. Environment to interact with Millennials and Gen Z in new ways. Keeping an open mind to new opportunities and new ways of doing things is essential if brands want to stay on top of their marketing game.

Since the whole idea of ​​the metastore is still relatively unexplored, and advertising in the metastore is relatively inexpensive compared to many other methods. So, if you’re into the NFT/Web3 space as a brand creator or full-blown company and now want to use your marketing budget to advertise in the metastore, read on to learn more about the top five metastore marketing strategies. .

Billboard Ads

The use of billboard advertisements in the metadata store is similar to real-world advertisements on billboards and other media such as banners and brochures. Placing an ad in the metadata store is a great way to see your product and brand from consumers around the world. After all, this is the magic of metadata storage, with just a few clicks you can show your brand worldwide. Anyone browsing Decentraland, Voxels and Somnium Space can see your ad and click on it for more information.

NFT Plazas offers the world’s first automated reservation system for billboard advertisements in its metadatabase. The reservation system works on a pay-per-view basis. You can choose the amount of views you want to receive for your Decentraland. billboard advertising campaign. Pricing changes on a sliding scale based on the amount of views you want to allocate for your campaign.

There is also access to a unique reporting dashboard for customers to track the progress of their campaigns. Reporting includes information such as total views so far, views by location in the metadata store, visitors’ geographic location, and visitors’ language.

This is definitely one of the easiest and fastest marketing strategies to advertise on the metaverse!

hosting events

Organizing an event in the metastore is another great way to engage your audience with your brand. This will attract not only seasoned metaverse users, but also newcomers who want to see what it’s like to be in a virtual world. You don’t need to have your own space or land in the metaverse for this. hosting an eventThere are many landlords who lease their construction to companies for special events or on a monthly basis.

You can choose how big you want your venue to be and what kind of event you want to create. There are many ways to get creative with this type of advertising strategy, because you can also use NFTs as tickets to give people access to the event and even relate it to a real-life simultaneous event.

Providing Experience

Providing interactive and immersive experiences is a whole new type of advertising in the metadatabase. This is most likely a Marketing budget and a strong creative and technology team with web3 knowledge. However, if you manage to create a great experience for your customers, the excitement is definitely worth it!

Gucci’s partnership with Roblox to create a Gucci-themed world using real money to buy in-game items is a great example of a successful metaverse experience. There are endless ways to approach it, depending on the virtual world you choose and the features it offers.


Who doesn’t love receiving awards? Encouraging your customers is a well-known tactic in the marketing world, and what better way to reward them for participating in a metaverse event than with a free NFT or perhaps a POAP (Proof of Participation Protocol) badge.

POAPs are NFT badges Proof that you are at the event by being distributed to attendees of Metaverse events. Each badge is completely unique and makes a great collectible, especially for those who frequent metaverse meetings and want to document their virtual experience.

Many people are also new to the NFT world and want to learn more about the field, so rewarding attendees with a little something is a great way to encourage mainstream audiences to attend a metaverse event and participate in the NFT world for the first time.

Your Own Virtual Space

If you want to advertise in the metadatabase and you have the time and resources, then creating your own branded virtual space will solidify your company’s image in the web3 space.

The oldest auction house in the world, sotheby’s, is a good example of this. In 2021 they built their own gallery in Decentraland’s Voltaire Arts District. The building is a replica of the auction house’s iconic New Bond Street Galleries in London. It includes the figure of Sotheby’s London Commissioner Hans Lomulder, as well as five ground-level gallery spaces available to welcome visitors.

This certainly caught a lot of new eyes and helped them reach a wider audience that would otherwise not be exposed to interacting with Sotheby’s. It was also proof that they are serious players here to stay and keep up with emerging technologies for the arts.

Keep Trying

Advertising in the metadatabase is a completely new way for marketers. With no established practice or guidelines yet on what works best, there is great opportunity and plenty of room for experimentation. So this is a great time to get creative and try different strategies!

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