Actofit Acquires Affiliate Marketing Startup Adkitty

Actofit Acquires Affiliate Marketing Startup Adkitty

The Adkitty acquisition increases CoachPro’s affiliate revenue stream channels.

Actofit, a connected device and fitness management company, has acquired Bengaluru-based affiliate marketing startup Adkitty for a $1 million deal value in cash and product mix, and is gearing up to launch an online fitness management platform for fitness coaches at Adkitty. is called CoachPro.

This is in line with the company’s vision to create a cutting-edge Fitness Delivery platform that focuses on Independent Coaches after the pandemic, when more than 56% of trainers lost their jobs, helping them renew their business under their own brand.

The integrated product, CoachPro, allows any trainer to set up their own free branded digital studio on App and Web and start teaching fitness classes in minutes. This proprietary fitness distribution and commerce platform eliminates the need for a fitness trainer to use and pay for multiple platforms and is Zoom, Shopify, Linktree, Acuity & Trainerize all in one.

In an age where technology is the biggest barrier for instructors to break or cross geographic boundaries, they are limited to working for bigger guns and cannot build their own brand or run their own business. CoachPro offers an alternative to these coaches by eroding the technology gap and licensing the entire platform; instead the ability to retain and scale its customers and brand.

Adkitty founder Nehal Challani, who will now serve as the CEO of CoachPro, said, “CoachPro will enable and automate a range of functions for online fitness trainers – empowering them to enter the fitness market with the same technological arsenal as the big guns.”

Consumers exercise with trainers in real time using their own equipment from their home or gym. With smart wearables integrated into Garmin, Apple, Polar or Actofit, the coach will be able to monitor user performance in real time and also suggest health and fitness tips, enabling customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Practical Saraogi, CEO of Actofit, said, “The future of fitness will be a mix of physical and digital. This will require giving power back to the consumer and the trainer, rather than brick-and-mortar studios. It will rely on mobile devices. Apps with assisted virtual training on screens to allow people to exercise from anywhere. connected sensors to monitor user performance, and group engagement and social aspects to give a sense of community.”

Shardul Sinha, MD at Medifit Consultants Pvt Ltd, operates gyms and rental equipment at more than 250 corporate campuses and employs more than 3000 coaches nationwide; participates as a co-investor. CoachPro aims not only to provide business value for trainers, but also to improve their quality and elevate the fitness offering for users. Shardul Sinha said, “This partnership is crucial to creating a first-of-its-kind, organized network of trainer influencers based all over India to help drive social commerce in fitness.”

“5 years from now, I want to see more than 100,000 fitness coaches starting businesses digitally in the era of Digital India. I want to see more kids who want to work in the fitness industry and ultimately see a greater impact on society through the reduction of obesity, diabetes and more everywhere. good general health.” Says Nilesh Jain, Investor at Actofit and partner at Metaform Ventures mutual fund.

The team is now working on the early access launch of a personalized fitness coaching platform to support independent trainers by the end of May 2022.

actophyte is a technology-driven startup in fitness that has created a connected ecosystem of wearables, gym and trainer software to deliver fitness to end users. As a leading fit-tech player in India, Actofit relies on its fitness coaching data-driven, engaging and progress-measuring digital platform to serve users and trainers alike. Actofit creates and manages a variety of SaaS products in the field of fitness technology for various health and fitness organizations, with a strong focus on the accuracy of data through its own smart devices.

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