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A divided studio to release an NFT animated film about Yugoslavia in the 1980s

August 6, 2022 – The Lokals is an NFT animated film created by Split-based Prime Render Studios that takes viewers on a train journey from Ljubljana to Split in the 1980s.

How did a small multimedia studio from Split, which has celebrated more than 70 awards, combine filmmaking and blockchain with the support of two Academy Award-winning French production companies? We have Marin Pavelic from Netokracija with more.

“If someone tells me as a cinematographer and filmmaker that one day an NFT animated movie will be created live on the Ethereum blockchain and that along the way they will teach the participants in this project about making an animated movie and that the movie will follow a train journey through Yugoslavia in the 1980s… Pavelić opens up about the new project of brothers Milivo and Veliko Popovic from Prime Render Studios. The studio is best known for producing 2D and 3D computer graphics and multimedia content, and is primarily focused on developing and producing animated short films.

Over the years, they have produced seven animated short films that have been shown at the world’s largest animation festivals and won over 70 awards, including the Animated Eye Award at the Aspen Shortsfest Film Festival, which qualified the film for an Academy Award and Jury Prize at the largest film festival Animation and at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival. In addition, their clients include names like Netflix, CNBC, Financial Times, Lipton, HEP, etc.

The team has a lot to celebrate, and is ready for a new challenge, it’s time to get into something more innovative. Milivoj revealed to Netocracija what it would take to integrate an animated film with the blockchain.

The Lokals are the first NFT group to appear entirely in an animated film. Millefoy explains:

“It is a unique animation set of 5,000 NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain, which we created in collaboration with artist Božo Balova. Created by combining virtual reality technology, i.e. Quill software and 3D Blender application.”

In addition to allowing individuals to become owners of a specific artwork, NFT also grants co-ownership and co-producer title to this animated short film, a business model being implemented for the first time in an animated film:

Moreover, the project also has an educational nature because all those involved in the project will have the opportunity to follow the production of the animated film, from start to finish, and they will also be able to participate in the making of the animated film! The goal is to fully integrate and harness the power of decentralized ownership and production. “

The blockchain contract for this project was developed by a team from Blank.

Prime Render Studios has been actively involved in the blockchain world since 2017, so it was a natural and logical next step for them to use NFT technology and its applications in the art world.

“Having Božo in our studio and developing into a truly amazing and innovative artist was the link between these two worlds.”

While working on the movie Dislocations, Božo developed a unique visual. However, Božo did not stop working on the visuals with this film, which is when late and original character images were created, which they then turned into NFTs. Featured on curated and exclusive Superrare:

“The business sold out very quickly, priced at more than 2 ether. This confirms what we already knew: that we have an exciting world that we want to develop further. This is how the Lokals Group and everything related to it was created.”

The project’s official advisors are Hollywood like Emmy Award winner Ante Dekovi and Hisko Hulsing, director of the hit Amazon Prime series Undone.

Milivoj poetically explains The Lokals with a photo of a train journey through Yugoslavia in the 1980s, heading south to the Adriatic coast:

“You will travel through Ljubljana, through Zagreb, and finally reach the end of the railway in the small Mediterranean port city of Split. A vibrant melting pot of ideologies, lifestyles and ideas, at the crossroads of the failed socialist idea and the promise of the American dream.”

Local musicians and artists were the first to accept the anti-establishment avant-garde ideology and became part of the modernist movements of the time:

“This is our theater – the small town of Split on the Mediterranean, and our story takes place there.”

You can participate in the project by purchasing one of the Lokals from the NFT group on the official website. This requires a Metamask wallet and an Ether (ETH) token. However, Milivoj assures that even without purchasing an NFT, you can join Discord, which has around 2,600 members, follow project development and engage in conversations with all team members and other project participants:

“The Discord is where we talk directly to people who would like to be a part of this project or already are. Here we share all the news, listen to comments and suggestions, socialize and develop the future of the world of ‘The Lokals’, which we plan to evolve into The Lokals. Metaverse”.

Although the set is available and available for purchase, and it is slowly approaching the significant number of 1,000 Lokal NFTs purchased, the film is still in pre-production as the foundations for the entire film are being built. The visuals are resolved, and they have the first draft of the script ready:

“However, there is still a lot of work to be done. First, of course, we must close the financial structure of the entire project. The current global macroeconomic and political situation has given us the biggest problem, which affects all aspects of the financial sector, including currencies encoded, which is closely related to our project.

Fortunately, we are looking for funding to a large extent outside this sector, and we also expect a recovery in the cryptocurrency market, which will further help revive the project.”

Prime Render Studios has an excellent and longstanding collaboration with HAVC, so they are optimistic about the partnership on this project, but also with two major French Academy Award winning production companies:

“We were also invited to present the project at this year’s Animafest – an international animation festival, and we did it with great interest from the audience.”

Since the film is in pre-production, it’s still too early to say a release date, Milvog notes. We’re talking about a long but exciting process that can be followed through our weekly vlogs on Prime Render Studios’ YouTube channel:

“This is a unique opportunity to get involved with script development, animation, visuals, characters, animation and everything else made up of an animated movie!”

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