9Tales: A unique and sustainable P2E card game

Almost 40% of the world’s population play video games, and while the online card game industry is an important part of this field, the biggest drawback associated with them is that they offer a limited experience to gamers. Although users own cards that they purchase in games, they cannot freely trade them or derive real-world value from them.

9Tales aims to harness the benefits of NFT technology and create a paradigm shift in space and empower gamers. They plan to do this by giving them full control of the cards and in-game assets they purchase in the game.

The platform wants to focus on gaming and bring a fun and fast paced card game.

What are 9Tales?

9Tales is a blockchain-based win-to-play card game that allows players to earn real money through in-game NFT ownership. The word 9Tales has 9 races: Elves, Elementals, Elders, Angels, Humans, Orcs, Beastmen, Moutas, and Demons.

Each race in the game has its own culture, politics, struggles and history, and users get a chance to be a part of their own world and discover legends through the game.

How to play?

Users in the game can create a deck using their cards and then engage in battles against other players or AI. The limit of a player’s deck is defined by the total strength of their cards, and they can only put a limited number of strong cards in their deck and must find the balance between strong and weak cards.

Players start with a limited number of actions and gain additional actions after each turn, while playing a card costs 1 action. Many cards have special effects that may require an additional cost to be paid in the act or something.

Users have the chance to plan their strategy and attacks in the game. Attacks can be launched from both sides at the same time, and some cards can be played in response to other cards or actions.

game modes

There are 3 main game types in 9Tales:

  • Ranked play: The most common type of game with an ELO system with varying degrees. Players earn more or less NIT depending on their rank. The higher their rank, the higher the NIT reward per win.
  • Coliseum: Coliseum is the first game mode in the competition-to-win paradigm where players can combine their cards into one big pile and each player can craft a deck using a mix of all cards. Players then fight each other and get higher rewards for higher wins.
  • Adventure game mode: Adventure game mode tells the story of the world of 9Tales through various matches against AI characters. The game mode is regularly updated with new characters and stories.

NIT Tokenomics

NIT is the native token of the 9Tales platform with a total supply of 1 billion. 25% of the token is reserved for private and public sales, while 25% is reserved for company funds. 27% of tokens are reserved for earning by playing and 15% are for community funds. The remaining 8% share belongs to the consultants.

9Tales NFTs and utilities

NFTs play a crucial role in the 9Tales ecosystem. The NFT collection is divided into 3 mint stages, the most valuable being the Genesis collection, which is now sold out, and the Phase 1 and Phase 2 collections will be released soon. NFT holders on the platform can enjoy several benefits, including:

  • In-game earnings boosts to help make the most of game time
  • Free entry to weekly tournaments with thousands of dollars in prize pool
  • Airdrops including chests and coins
  • Potential to earn a Primordial NFT with the highest utility in the game.

Genesis and Tier 1 NFT holders will receive exclusive access to the Primordial NFT sweepstakes, while Genesis holders will receive automatic whitelist points for the Tier 1 version and priority access to weekly tournaments with a $10,000 prize pool in the alpha version. Tier 1 owners will gain access a few weeks later than Genesis owners.

Last word

9Tales is developing a play-to-win game that offers rewarding and unique gameplay that sets it apart from the rest in space. The anti-play-to-win system implemented by the game solves the sustainability and the players spend money to win.

The platform has an upcoming mint on May 15, where 1 WL will count as 1 mint and 2 mints per wallet will be allowed on public sale. One Genesis NFT will equal one mint and will be minted at the same time as the WL. There will be 4444 WL in total and no overallocation will be made. Both WL and Genesis will have 12 hours to print, and the remaining NFTs will be in public sale.

Through its ecosystem, 9Tales aims to find the balance between rewards and sustainable economy and combine in-game asset ownership with simultaneous play.

For more information about 9 Tales, please refer to the official website.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be considered news/advice.

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