SEO for exceptional customer service

5 Proven SEO Strategies for Exceptional Customer Service

When you hear Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you automatically think of digital marketing – and rightly so. But what you can apply to the content you produce to attract customers, you can also use it as a tool to nurture your existing customers. Customers you already have are 50% more likely to say yes to trying a new product or service, and 31% more likely to spend more on your brand.

This statistic alone should encourage you to dig deeper into SEO and will help you increase your revenue without having to search for new leads. And since 65% of customers stick with companies that provide a satisfying customer experience, it’s in your best interest to offer them exactly that.

With empathy remaining the critical component of excellent customer service, you may want to use some of the SEO strategies we’ve discussed below. By optimizing your website and making it user-friendly, you’re making it easier for Google to show searchers relevant information and position yourself as a brand that cares. This is a mutually beneficial move.

1. Track what your customers are saying about your company

People talk. In addition to leaving reviews for you to make sense of, they also go online to share their purchasing experience with others. Twitter, Reddit, and Quora are some of the most popular platforms for your customers to get a little excited or praise you if they are satisfied with the customer experience.

This is where SEO comes into play. You can find out what you can improve by creating Google Alerts for the keyword your customers use most when talking about your brand. When you subscribe, you will start receiving emails in your inbox as soon as someone mentions that keyword. This way, you will be able to respond quickly and avoid losing customers.

2. Update the FAQ with all the information your customers may need

Contrary to popular belief, customers prefer to find answers to their questions on their own. This means your job is to optimize the knowledge base you offer so they don’t have to Google for further explanation. To do this, you must find out what your customers are looking for and update your FAQ section with relevant information.

To simplify this process, consider setting up Site Search in Google Analytics. It makes it easy to monitor your customers’ queries and whether your website has the information they are looking for. Writing a comprehensive FAQ that will answer all your questions would be a breeze.

In addition to answering questions about your product or service, it’s also important to do your research and find out what other people think of your industry. Collect keywords, learn how to group them, and provide people with answers to their top questions. Leave the rest to Google.

In the screenshot above, you can see that the search engine took a few sentences from the most relevant page that answered the user’s question and highlighted them in a small box. This app not only helps your customers but also drives organic traffic to your website and attracts potential customers.

4. Create whitepapers, host webinars and shoot how-to videos to educate your customers

You don’t need to create a new better product for your customers to perceive it as more valuable. Creating additional content with relevant keywords to give your customers more insight into how they can benefit from using your product achieves the same goal. We’re talking step-by-step guides, how-to videos, and whitepapers that shine a light on all the benefits your customers get from buying this product from you.

You can also host webinars and send recordings to your list of email subscribers if you’re ready. Or, if you prefer to convey wisdom via audio, consider creating a podcast instead. Mobile apps with hands-on guides can also do the job.

Trying to keep up with the latest trends can be difficult. But this differentiating factor can help you move forward if you use it right. Google Trends and Twitter Trends are the most common web pages to determine what’s popular right now. Research the SEO optimized keyword and you will get a clear idea of ​​how many times people searched for it in any given time frame.

When there is a spike, it indicates that people are actively searching for that term. Include the term in your FAQ, the text on your landing page, or even in the title of your posts on social media. Your customers will thank you later for your additional efforts.

SEO has the power to direct your customers towards your company.

Poor customer service has become a pet ordeal for many. Worse still, it’s often the reason why a client quits doing business with a company. And if you plan to thrive in today’s highly competitive market, you cannot afford to lose a customer to your competitor.

When you sprinkle SEO into the mix, you make your reputation as a brand that cares almost bulletproof. Your prospects begin to see you as a company that will go the extra mile to ensure that every question is answered and every request is met. Satisfied customers will not hesitate to talk about you to their friends and family. The result – loyal customers and new leads with a high probability of conversion.

You don’t have to ponder all of the strategies we’ve detailed in this article. Choose one or two that best suits your company and hone it until it becomes your secret sauce for delivering exceptional customer service. It will be enough to keep the old customer and make the new customers want to stay.

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