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3 Effective Ways to Find Loyal Partners

The truth about SaaS affiliate programs is this: 90% of sales and revenues usually come from only 10% of your affiliate partners. Sure, you can be reactive; waiting for a great member or ambassador to come and sign up for your program and contribute that 10%. Or you can be proactive and go out and find them.

In this post, I will outline 3 practical ways to find affiliates that will be real sources of income for your brand.


1. Through your dear customers.

This sounds like common sense but I’m increasingly seeing SaaS companies offer the affiliate program once (in an email) or link it to their website and then forget about it and wait for affiliate hopes to come to them. The truth is: It takes several different ways to present your affiliate program where customers can find a use case for it.

So how do you direct your affiliate program to your customer base to get them to become members?

Present different value propositions at different times to see what resonates. Some people think that the main incentive for people to sign up for an affiliate program is just commissions/money. It’s not always true. Here are a few ways and use cases you can use to present to your customer base:

  • Talk about how they do business or whether they are an agency – talk about how they can wrap the services around your product or service and use the affiliate program to earn commission as a result.
  • Present the affiliate program in the “sticky” section of your application. For example, if I’m an email marketing software company and someone pops up an email, I would qualify it as an act of using and liking the product (and therefore signing up for an affiliate program and earning a commission for letting others know about it).
  • Create an assignment that includes the affiliate program. For example, ask your customers to write a review for your software/business on their blog or create a resource page on their site that mentions your product. Ask them to sign up for the affiliate program, link to your site using the affiliate link, and then send you an email after doing so for a small reward. People love rewards!

2. Via Organic Search Results.

Your SaaS company solves a problem. There are many people writing about solving your problem – it’s not your customers. Their articles rank high for search terms that match your product/service.

For example, using a reference from an email marketing company I’ve used before, my ideal client might have many different search terms to search for:

  • How to use email marketing
  • How to create an email list?
  • What is the best email marketing software by date/year?

I would like to make sure: a) these articles may carefully mention my company (or reference additional content on my site that might support the article), or b) if they compare with my competitors, make sure I’m listed.

Why? Why? Most blogs or information sites (not related to company blogs) make their money from affiliate revenue or paid placement ads. If you have a great product, solves a need, and attracts the right customers – if these sites focus on your industry, it would be foolish not to mention you. It’s worth it to reach out to them to build a partnership relationship (How is this done? I wrote a detailed post on exactly how to promote such sites, here.)

3. Through co-marketing and aligning partners.

Let’s say your SaaS company has software for users to create basic websites. Your main focus is to easily allow clients to drag and drop blocks to build websites and launch them on their own.

Let’s say there is a company that deals with website security.
Both have affiliate programs. In the website security affiliate program, there may be affiliates available to promote a website builder to their target audience (and the website builder has the same in their program for security).

Co-marketing to each other’s affiliate base (perhaps offering a discount on each other’s product in exchange for signing up for their program) is a great way to find affiliates or loyal ambassadors who may not have heard of your company or product specifically. or the alignment industry.

Let’s wrap it up…

Most SaaS companies are frustrated when they can’t find affiliates right away. It takes time and creativity! Fortunately, using these tips can help raise the fire in targeting affiliates who will be good supporters of your brand.

If you want more tips and strategies for finding affiliates for your SaaS company, check out 12 actionable ideas for finding affiliates for your SaaS Software.

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