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Going to college is an expensive business. Although most students receive grants, scholarships or loans to cover their tuition fees, they are never enough to cover their expenses. Many college students have to work part-time jobs to make up for this financial gap.

There are countless opportunities to work and earn money on and off campus to supplement your living expenses. While most of these opportunities are offline, there are online side jobs you can take on.

Below are some of them:

1. Become an Engaged Marketer

An excellent online side job to start as a student is to become an affiliate marketer. This form of marketing involves selling products or services offered by a company and earning a commission.

As a student, you can refer people to a service or product and earn money when they buy it. The good thing about being an affiliate marketer as a student is that you can join an affiliate marketing program for free; Click here to see someone. You can also market different brands and earn commissions from each company.

To be successful as an affiliate marketer:

  • Start by choosing the right niche.

  • Consider your expertise and interests when making this decision.

  • Connect your interests to the problem you want to solve and identify earning potential.

2. Create a Blog

If you’re skilled at writing, you can start a blog and create a successful side hustle as a student. A blog allows you to share your thoughts and ideas with other people. While you should take the time to create content and popularize your blog before you start earning, your efforts can be rewarding in the long run once you start making money.

The secret to creating a successful blog is choosing the right niche and publishing articles regularly. Once you’ve built a solid audience, there are many ways to make money blogging. The most common is affiliate marketing. This form of marketing allows you to earn a commission every time your referral purchases a product through your affiliate link. Read more About affiliate marketing here.

3. Set up a Drop Shipping Store

Drop Shipping is an online side business that students can run stress-free as they don’t have to manage any inventory. You set up an online store and market products that you source from elsewhere. When a buyer places an order at your store, you don’t ship the product, the supplier does. If you are a good marketer, you can start a full-blown business through drop shipping.

4. Work as a Virtual Assistant

Another fascinating online side hustle college student He works as a virtual assistant. This job includes helping businesses and individuals organize their activities and lives by working online. While the salary is low to begin with, you can earn up to $50 per hour as a virtual assistant once you’re good at it.

5. Become a Stock Photo Seller

While in college, you can make selling stock photos your online rush. Stock photos are used in brochures, websites, book covers, and other digital and offline publications to bring content to life. If you’re an avid photographer, you can sell your images to stock photography websites that sell them to customers and give you a commission. Take photos of random objects, experiences, scenes and even college events and sell them online.

6. Teach Kids Online

You can arrange a tutoring rush and make money teaching kids online as a college student. A growing field of online tutoring is teaching the English language to children abroad. A huge benefit of running an online teaching side hustle is the time zone difference that allows you to study at night from the comfort of your home. This means that hustle and bustle does not affect your classes.

If you can’t find children abroad, you can continue to teach children in your area online. All you have to do is align your school schedule with theirs and invest in good lighting, a camera, and a microphone.

7. Start an Etsy Business

Another online side business that can make you money as a student is selling handmade items on Etsy. If you are skilled in the arts and have extra time, you can make a good income by running an Etsy business.

There are loads of handmade items you can sell on Etsy – this includes baby bows, greeting cards, paintings, crochet scarves and anything else you want to make. If you’re not a crafty person, you can still start an Etsy business. Once your profile is open, shop for real estate sales and interesting things at local garages and sell them on your Etsy page.

8. Provide Freelance Services

As a student, one of the best online side jobs you can join and earn good money, self-employment. There are many services that you can freely provide and get paid for. If you can write, illustrate, make videos, translate, design graphics, keep ledgers, and design websites or programs, you can start to showcase your skills on freelance sites and gain clients.

If you don’t have a skill set, get one and then start running your freelance business online. A great place to start freelancing online is to take on transcription or social media management jobs.

9. Offer Academic Editing Services

If you’re a good writer, you can earn money by editing it online or correcting your classmate’s academic paper. To do this, you need to charge your services per page. Promote your services on your student portal and in classrooms or dormitories. If you have time, you can work as an editor on academic sites and spread it to other students around the world.

10. Selling Items Online

Using technology, people can easily buy and sell products online. As a student, you can leverage technology to build a sales side business that brings you extra income. You can find great stuff at real estate and garage sales that you can sell on e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay.

11. Host Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb is primarily known for sharing living spaces with visitors, but the site has a great feature that, in addition to its traditional business, allows people to host online experiences. Depending on where you live, you can take advantage of this feature and let people explore your campus, city and natural features through online experiences.

You can also host online classes for different things like cooking, dancing, playing a musical instrument, and reading. The key to making money through the Airbnb experience is to find a niche and market it well. People search for different cities, but you can proactively get them to try your experience and set up a real hustle and bustle.

12. Sell Drawings on Canva

If you’re good at photography or graphic design, you can start an online side business selling illustrations and photos on Canva. Many businesses try to develop illustrations for their online store banners and social media posts. Canva gives users many options to use illustrations and photos for a license fee that many businesses pay.

You can improve your hustle by contributing and earning money based on the number of people who use the illustrations or photos you submit. The beauty of selling on Canva is that you give them non-exclusive rights to your images. This means you can sell your photos elsewhere.

13. Become a Podcast Host

Another online hustle for students is hosting a podcast. While this type of hustle won’t make you any money right away, it can be rewarding in the long run. Most of the money-making side jobs don’t pay well. Those who take the energy and time to build often do more, and podcasting is among them. Once your podcast becomes popular, you can start charging for sponsorships. From then on, your winning trajectory starts to rise.

14. Publish an eBook

As a student, you can write ebooks and sell them online to earn money. If you enjoy writing, consider choosing a niche and writing content that people will be willing to pay for online. Take time to research and get tips on how to get started. Like podcasts, building an ebook sales rush requires work before the money starts flowing. The beauty of this hustle is that you can grow after college.

final thoughts

College students are always looking for ways to earn money to cover their living expenses while pursuing their education. If you’re a student, starting an online side business is an effective way to earn a decent income without having to break your legs by jumping from one job to the next.

The beauty of online side hustle is that you can work from your hostel or home and earn the money you need to go to college. Most require little or no capital, making them easy to get started. If you want to start an online whirlwind, you can try one or more of the ideas discussed above. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you plan and prepare.

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