10 affiliate marketing trends to watch out for for 2022

We’ve seen the affiliate marketing industry explode a bit in the last few years due to covid and the need for businesses to innovate and get more eyes on their products or services. What about the future? What trends will 2022 bring for affiliate marketing?

Here are the things we will cover:

Brands will be more data-driven than ever

The keyword of 2022 will be data. With more and more businesses looking for campaigns that deliver real results, companies will begin to focus on more data in their campaigns than ever before, especially in light of the phasing out of 3rd party cookies.

Brands will measure campaign results in terms of ROI and actual sales. The focus will be on getting results and optimizing campaigns for success. They will become much more strategic both with the people they work with and the content produced by the partners, and we are not just talking about influencers.

Trial and error will be an essential part of this strategy with every affiliate campaign until they find the right mix to get the ROI and revenue they’re looking for.

Data-driven affiliate marketing
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Increase in affiliate marketing budgets

With more companies diving into affiliate marketing due to the pandemic last year, we will see a massive increase in affiliate marketing budgets in 2022. Statista estimates that spending on affiliate marketing will reach $8.2 billion in 2022, the highest increase since 2015. This is partly due to the rise in popularity of influencer marketing and influencers using the commission payment model, and partly due to the growing popularity of affiliate marketing. popular as a whole due to the global pandemic.

Affiliate marketing spend statistics USA
Image source: Statista

Over the past few months, Instagram has been responsible for bringing influencer affiliate marketing mainstream by experimenting with a select number of brands and influencers that have been given access to it. This paved the way for more brands to explore affiliate marketing and use the commission payment model to increase revenue for their businesses.

The explosion of micro and nano influencers

I know we talk about influencers all the time, but that’s because they’re so popular. This popularity will reach new heights in 2022, and micro and nano influencers will dominate the affiliate marketing industry as a whole. Brands on a tight budget will look for micro-influencers and nano-influencers to work on an affiliate basis to maximize their return on investment. More budget will be allocated for influencer campaigns, and most of it will be reserved for micro and nano influencers who are experts in their fields.

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AI and automation will transform affiliate marketing

Artificial intelligence will replace affiliate marketing in 2022. It will save brands time, energy and resources and enable companies to increase their sales. It can be anything from helping you find an influencer or affiliate for your campaign to having an AI affiliate that helps your brand increase your cart value. Either way, it looks like it will change how brands work in affiliate marketing.

Loyalty marketing as part of the affiliate marketing mix

Loyalty marketing will be part of the affiliate marketing mix to encourage shoppers to come back again and again. Incentives will be easily allocated to customers using the same technology as affiliate marketing software.

Incentives such as cash, charitable donations or points will enable advertisers to build closer relationships with their customers. They will be able to reward customers more than a cashback website, as customers will shop directly with the brand.

Live shopping, already a thriving industry in China, will grow in popularity in other markets. Live streaming shopping will be something that influencers are increasingly interested in – it’s already gaining some popularity on platforms like twitch, where players will play games and then issue a coupon code to boost sales. In November, YouTube hosted a live shopping week for the first time and will become an increasingly popular channel as more and more influencers join the bandwagon.

More diverse affiliates for advertisers than ever before

There are several different types of affiliates that advertisers can work with, but innovation every year gives advertisers more options to diversify their revenue. 2022 will not be an exception. Whether this is AI affiliates, groundbreaking new apps or employee innovations, this will give advertisers more opportunities to grow their business and get ahead of new audiences.

Crypto will become more common

Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly common over the past few years. Since Bitcoin was launched in 2009, the industry as a whole has grown tenfold. More and more people are investing in altcoins, and last year NFTs came onto the scene. As this becomes more common and governments and banks begin to accept and invest in the industry, it opens the door for more crypto advertisers and affiliates to partner and maximize revenue.

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Co-marketing partnerships between affiliates to benefit everyone

In 2022, co-marketing partnerships between affiliates will start to gain popularity and this will be a great opportunity for advertisers to generate more revenue and reach a more diverse audience in front of their products or services.

Co-marketing opportunities for affiliates are endless – content affiliates can collaborate with each other or different affiliate types can work together to maximize their revenue.

In terms of affiliate marketing and commissions, it may look like a revenue sharing agreement between the two, or depending on the affiliate each will keep the commissions their sites refer to or pass a percentage of their own commissions to the other.

More competition for brands and affiliates – more people who want to stand out

2022 will see increased competition in the affiliate marketing world. Affiliates and advertisers will look to Quora to find new niches and offers that will help them stand out, help people and increase revenue. Why? Because Quora is the last resort people go to find answers they can’t find on Google.

For brands looking to increase their revenue, finding these key product and service niches is crucial – meaning you can stock a product and launch an affiliate campaign around it to drive more sales.

For affiliates, being able to answer these questions on your website or in an answer can provide a valuable additional revenue stream.


So, pay attention to these important trends in 2022 and stay one step ahead of your competitors. We hope you liked this article.

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